The big wedding cake debate

In a moment of madness I decided that I would make our wedding cake. It was a madness induced after I researched wedding cakes. Shrieks of “How much?”, “It’s not even fruit”, “I could do better”, and “that looks like it has been iced by a five-year old” could be heard as countless pages of cakes were viewed. Now I know it is a great skill and yes, I can understand why some cakes are expensive due to the artistry of the work that takes place on the decoration, but we don’t have an extensive budget. So I thought why the hell not make it myself. Now I know just how passionate people get about wedding cakes but at the end of the day, let’s not forget it is cake. Made with ingredients, mixed with love and craziness and shoved in the oven. I am hoping that rather than spend an eternity talking about the moistness (fnarr fnarr), people will talk more about what a lovely day they have had.

So after making this hefty decision, the next debate was what type of cake should it be? Now cupcakes have been taking over the wedding world with aplomb. Let’s get this straight…they are blousey sponge cakes that are extremely sickly. As you can guess I am not a big fan of the twee sweet cakes. So those were shelved before they even began. The large stacked profiteroles looked rather yummy but would be a nightmare to create closer to the time. Sorry squishy puffy things, I will have to love you from afar. So this left the battle to the heavy weight fruit cake versus the lightweight sponge.
Any relative of mine will know that there has been outright war declared in the past over the lack of fruit cake at a wedding. Rather than see gnashing of teeth and people throwing punches, We have decided to have a fruit base with a couple of flavoured sponge tiers to keep all and sundry happy.
So after hunting around, we have found a rather nice fruit and chocolate cake recipe which is being trialled today. Friends and family will be trying it over the Christmas period all being well. Alex has scoured the local supermarkets for dried sour cherries. Who would have thought it would be so difficult. This is the problem you have when you live in a very sheltered Welsh valley. None of your Waitrose, Ocado and M&S up these ‘ere parts.

So all the dried ingredients were put into a pot with chocolate, butter, dark brown sugar, brandy, vanilla extract and mixed spice and melted together. Then eggs were added to the cooled mixture, followed by flour, ground almonds and cocoa powder. Hard work mixing it in a massive stock pot.

The sticky brown goodness smelt divine when I was spooning it into the biggest round cake tin I have ever seen. I had a very keen cleanerupper, who just had to get mucky and try some. From the look on his face and the mixture smeared around his mouth I would say it tasted good. Now just got to see how long this beauty takes.A larger tin and ingredient amounts might mean that there has to be regular testing with skewer. So will this be the winning cake mix for part of the wedding cake? Bet you can’t contain your excitement?

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6 thoughts on “The big wedding cake debate

  1. We did the same, looked at all the sites and decided the pricing was ridiculous. My Aunt is making the bottom tier fruit cake and my Mom is making higher tiers of chocolate, lemon or yellow cake. My fiance is going to be doing most of the decorating. Saves money and I know it will taste great!

    • Waiting a little while to see what people think we should have for other layers at the moment although think chocolate will be chosen. Going to keep it simple. Hope yours is going well. Tried to follow your blog but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Thanks again for visiting.

      • Chocolate is always going to be a winner! I personally am not a fan of the traditional fruit cake so bring on the chocolaty goodness (especially after month’s of dieting!). Are you going to make the chocolate yourself as well?

        Strange it wouldn’t work :s Thanks for trying anyway 🙂

      • We are ambitious people, also saving some money! I look forward to seeing the pictures of yours. Your wedding is before mine so I can see how well yours will come out and take some tips.

        How odd. It lets me go on it. I will have to get a friend to try and see what happens.

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