Here comes the wobbly bride

It is nearly a year since Al proposed to me on a windswept beach on Vancouver Island. I was at the heaviest weight I have ever been and our impromptu ‘engagement’ photo makes me cringe. Not because I was unhappy, I was far from it but because I look like a huge beached whale. It was time for action. Since then I have tried hard to watch what I eat and have to date lost over 3 stone. I must admit at the moment I am struggling with Christmas nearing closer, cold weather and lots of Christmas television to be watched. I need to focus myself and give myself a good talking to. I bought a second hand wedding dress which in theory I thought I would get into. The lady advertised it as a certain size but after losing lots of weight I decided to measure it and found to my horror it isn’t the size she advertised but two sizes smaller.

I must admit I felt deflated and could kick myself for not measuring it at the time. So unless I get seriously ill by starving myself, there is no way on this Earth I will fit into it. So I am going to have to go to a dreaded bridal shop and try stuff on. I wish I could be one of those brides who is practically wetting themselves to go try a dress on with bridesmaid and mother in tow. But the mere thought of it sends me into a sweat. I know I would end up frustrated,feeling fat and depressed by the whole thing. So must stay focused and eat well. So if you see me scoffing stuff I shouldn’t over the Christmas period you have my permission to smack me over the head with a very large frying pan.

Here are some before and current photos. Got so much more to go… wobble wobble wobble.


Top left and right: Cropedy Festival, Summer 2012. Bottom left and right, November 2012.


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