It’s just the icing on the cake

Well the cake has now been coated with a layer of boiled and sieved apricot jam. It is incredibly sticky and glossy looking. At this stage the cake could be turned into a rather attractive Dundee cake with nuts and glace fruits on top, but I must press on with the Marzipan and Regal icing. Now to wait 24 hours…..

The apricot jame has been applied

The apricot jam has been applied

So 24 hours have passed and now I am rolling out the marzipan. I did debate whether to use it at all, as I know  a lot of people are not that keen on it. I think there is nothing worse then cutting a cake and seeing a massive layer of marzipan. I see so many people picking it off before eating the cake. After a lot of research I have realised that if I am to prevent the alcohol from the cake discolouring the Regal icing, I will need to use it. I rolled out the marzipan very thin. This was a risk but I thought I would give it a go even though there was a chance that the marzipan might tear on placing it on the cake. The risk paid off and the marzipan sat neatly on top of the cake. I smoothed the marzipan all over the cake and then trimmed the excess off and I  left it another 24 hours.

Next step….the Regal icing. I rolled out the icing a little too thinly and then discovered on trying to place it on the cake that this wouldn’t be easy. After two attempts I got it sorted. I brushed the marzipan with boiled water to provide something for the icing to stick to. I smoothed the icing all over with the palm of my hand and it turned out quite well. Next time I do this, I will make sure that any holes in the cake are filled with marzipan to avoid any lumps and dips appearing in the icing. I made some very quick snowmen for the top of the cake (it was Christmas after all) and added some ribbon. To add some further decoration to the side of the cake I used an embossing folder from my Sizzix machine and pressed this into the side of the icing. Seemed to work quite well.

Voila, one cake to go for tasting. Not too bad is it?

The snowmen..bit rushed so they are a bit rough and ready!

The snowmen..bit rushed so they are a bit rough and ready!


The finished cake ready for tasting.


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