Can it measure up?

Tonight Mister B and I headed to the suit hire shop to get the suits sorted for all the sassy men in the wedding party. A rather helpful chap called Tony, picked out a few suits, took a few measurements and then it was up to Mister B to prance about trying things on. To be honest with you, Tony did an excellent job and the first suit and colour combination he suggested were the ones that we ended up picking. It made a huge difference finding someone who knew about the suits and what would look good on their customer. This wasn’t the first suit hire place we had been to. The first we visited, the shop assistant was a bit of a drip.  Not only did she have no enthusiasm for her job but she didn’t have a clue when it came to reading her customers needs. The suits she initially suggested were the type of suits that could give a Van de Graaff  generator a run for its money. I had to practically shove my fist in my mouth to stifle my giggles when Mister B and my father came out of the changing rooms. My father look like he had come straight out of  ‘Honey I shrunk the kids’ as the shop assistant had given him the longest trousers she could find. I thought Mister B was going to pick up a microphone, say ‘A little bit of politics there’ and do an Ben Elton tribute act. To add to the hilarity, she gave them the shiniest, pointiest shoes to try on. As Mister B said, they could only be useful if you were a bit of a leery guy and wanted to look up skirts for a living.   After all that, we left feeling quite deflated. Tonight was a totally different experience and I am pleased to say, it is one more thing ticked off the ‘to do list’. Weird to think that next time I see Mister B in his suit he will be standing at the alter in church. Here’s a wee glimpse of the colours. Oooh how exciting!

Mister B looking a bit dapper. Phwoar!

Mister B looking a bit dapper. Phwoar!

Cup of tea? Don’t mind if I do.


Let us be seated.

Today I woke up having an anxiety attack, heart racing and feeling of being sick. I am starting to get panicky over the wedding. Lots of things to do and it started to overwhelm me. I keep hearing

“You will be fine, don’t worry”

but this is not really calming me down.

We set the end of November as the RSVP date but we have yet to receive some which I have to say is not helping stress levels. So if you are reading this and haven’t replied please please please with a cherry on top could you get back to us, even if you are not coming. Thank you!

Armed with those most splendid Post it notes, some Sharpies and pad we set about doing seating plans for the Wedding breakfast. Now If you are a seasoned wedding goer you will know that seating arrangements can make or break a wedding meal. Sometimes it is nice to mix it up a little but at the same time it can be uncomfortable if you are sat next to people who simply don’t share any interests and are poles apart. So with this in mind we have tried not to be too controversial and have tried to please people as much as we can.


So if we have done our sums correctly we should have eight tables including the top table. To be fair we managed to do the plan very quickly and we hope that everyone will be happy with the layout. We have also finalised the bunk room bed plans so will be publishing those soon for those who have asked to stay over. If anyone would to change their minds then please let us know.

Next week we have a lot of things to chase up and sort out. I must not get panicky. Everyone say “OM!”

Shuffley Sway

We are starting to narrow down what we would like to dance to for our first dance. I know that Alex wanted to swing me around and replicate the lift in Dirty Dancing but let’s face it it has been done before and we wouldn’t want to outshine Jennifer and Patrick now would we?

We did contemplate doing a Strictly Come Dancing style mash up but I developed an allergy to fake tan and rhinestones so that has also had to be sadly shelved. So the plan is to do something radical and stand a few centimetres apart with our arms round each other and sway a bit.

I know you are saying, ‘wow that is so ambitious, will they pull it off?‘.

Believe me, we will be practising every tilt and shuffle. WE will be experts in the Shuffley Sway. The big debate is what we should sway to.

Why not have a look at the list and let us know what you think. There is one that stands out to us but we just wondered what you thought.

So after listening to the tracks which one do you think?

Mixed emotions

I am worried that on the day of the wedding I am going to be an emotional wreck. I am not nervous about my decision to get married. I know a lot of people will groan when I say this and will say ‘Ah but once your married, it won’t last’ but I do feel settled and happy. Having a ring on my finger will not mean I can be complacent or feel I need to work at being in a relationship. Relationships evolve and change. They bring challenges which you have to work through even if they are hellish at times. You have to talk and try not to shout. You have to see the bigger picture and not just focus on you. You have to swallow your pride sometimes. You have to accept that even when waistlines expand, the same person is still inside that you fell in love with. Relationships can be dull, as life sweeps you off your feet and drudgery can set in. You have to learn to shake it up a bit make it exciting and make it happen. There is no point to being in a relationship and certainly be married unless you are willing to accept the above. Don’t get me wrong Life can throw curveballs at you sometimes and things can go wrong, but I am ready and not going into this with rose tinted glasses.

Emotions will run high for both of us on the day as we would have both wanted a few special people there on who are sadly not going to be. As I grew up I was so fortunate to have lots of grandparents and they were a massive influence on my life. As they meant so much to me I would have dearly loved them all to be there. As I get older I have started to become quite sentimental and I know it will make me weepy when I am getting ready, in church and listening to speeches.
I am sure I would not be out of turn if I said that Alex will be thinking about his father Tony a lot on the big day. Even if he might not show it, I am sure that Alex will be emotional especially when his fathers car, the Hillman is used for the wedding. The car was Tony’s pride and joy. He spent hours tinkering about on it but sadly was not able to finish it. I am sure he would overjoyed by Alex having it finished and used again.

So on the day we are going to be armed with waterproof mascara (obviously not for Alex) and tissues so we can shed those tears, remember those who are not there and still enjoy it.


Just a word of warning to those who decide to get married, it can be dangerous out there. Not only do you have to negotiate all those nauseating marriage fairs with naff displays of your perfect day but you have to contend with subtle as a brick demands from people too. Once you have got past the stage of wanting to club people over the head after the twentieth attempt at table planning and have realised that wedding equals expense, you decide to venture into the world of crafting. This is the one of the most dangerous times, oh and when you lose your marbles and just go ‘what the f@@k!’ but we will come onto that later.

Now crafting should be relaxing and provide a great sense of achievement when you have finished your project. Well to certain extent it can be, but at the same time you can injure yourself. Yes you have heard correctly. Crafting can be painful and scar you for life. Let’s face it, once you have hit this stage you are probably at your most vulnerable. You have been beaten into submission by wedding magazines, websites and so called experts telling you that your wedding is going to be sh*t if you don’t have butterflies or hearts hanging off every possible part of the day. YOU have to make things. It is a bride’s rite of passage these days. Armed with this knowledge, you hit Pinterest with aplomb and make so many pins you could create a large wedding voodoo. You watch endless videos on Youtube of how to make a loo roll into a napkin holder. After a while you start to lull yourself into a false sense of security and start to believe you will glitter yourself into a crafting god. Now let me just stop you there. Yes just there. Keep still. Take five minutes. If you are a bride reading this let me tell you something that might make you feel a bit faint but relieved at the same time.

YOU are not perfect and you will make mistakes.

There said it. Now relax. Feeling calm? Right well have a laugh at my crafting injury and smile. Making favour bags I decided to have a fight with a rather hot volcanic glue gun. I should have known that the hint was in the word ‘gun’ and I would be the one who came away worse off. I got tangled up in hot glue and this was the result.


I feel quite proud that I managed to burn rather deeply a smiley face into my thumb. Despite all the chaos around me my thumb will smile back right back at me and tell me I am doing ok.

I will write about the last and most dangerous stage of wedding planning called ‘what the f**k’ when I feel you are ready. I mean I don’t want to scare would be brides at the moment would I ?

Ceilidh or Kayleeeeee!

For those who haven’t yet looked at the website, we have plumped for a ceilidh for the night reception. If you don’t know how to say the word Ceilidh then just think of Kaylee by Marillion.(If you have no idea about that song then where have you been?)

For those who have no idea what one of those is then we thought we would explain what it involves and what to expect.

Originally the word Ceilidh (kay-lee) descended from the Gaelic word for ‘gathering’ or ‘party’…
The beauty of a ceilidh or Barn Dance is that everyone can take part, young or old, experienced dancers to beginners and even those with two left feet(which I am sure there will be plenty of after a few drinks inside them).
With a Ceilidh you’re walked through the steps so there’s nothing to be nervous about. The most important thing is to listen to the caller who will work with band to teach you the steps.
The band that we have chosen are ‘This Way Up’ who are a Shropshire Ceilidh band. More details can be found on :

This Way Up
This Way Up video

We all hope you have a go at it and enjoy. Don’t worry if you want some other music to dance to we will be popping a Spotify list together for the music for after the band finishes. If you would like to make suggestions then just comment on this post and we will add them to the list if we can. We will post the music lists a bit closer to the time.

Wedding accommodation update

We have had a huge response to the dorm beds at the Manor for the wedding, which means Al and I won’t be staying all on our own at the place. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing the day with so many wonderful family and friends. We have tried to give certain family/bridal party groups their own dorms and then have a large dorm for everyone else who has asked to stay. Think we have a near full house at the moment. If you are sharing one of the larger dorms then we will send you a sort of ‘meet and greet’ beforehand, so you know who might be snoring sleeping close by.

We have popped accommodation options on our wedding website for anyone who needs a bed for the night and does not want to share a dorm or is too late. The website is the place for all info.

The cost of the rooms at the Manor is included in the cost of our wedding.

Currently Sarah is having issues with her computer but we hope to update the main website when she has access to the software again. For the time being we will pop everything on here so please keep checking back.

If you would like to get details for trains etc, then you can get more information from here:

Transport direct

If anyone would like to tent it or bring a caravan, the nearest campsites can be found here:


So the results are in…

We have a winner. The cake that is. The cake was divided up into large pieces and we gave them to family members to act as taste testers over the Christmas period. We did do some sneak testing prior to delivery though. Both Alex and I looked at each other and shouted

Oh good lord that’s moist!

 <Both looking at the camera in a very Mirandaesque way>

I did a little jig of excitement as well.

So first drop off of cake went to my mother with a now squished snowman. He had got wedged behind a few bags in the car and now was a little disfigured. Poor Mr Snowman.  Initial taste from my mother was positive and a request that the cake is not made any boozier. 

Second batch went to my grandmother Ann. I have to say out of all our family/friends, this is the one person who I was waiting on to give her opinion. Ann was the person who taught me how to cook. For years I stood at her side in the kitchen watching and helping her to prepare meals. To say I was nervous was an underestimation. I gave her the cake and went to get a plate from her kitchen. Before I could get back to her, she had already started eating it and carried on eating it! Now the wedge I gave her should have lasted a few days, but within a few minutes she had eaten the lot. 

Our Sarah, that cake is perfect.

I was dancing inside. 

Third batch was provided to Alex’s mother. Again we received a good nod of appreciation and the thumbs up. The thin layer of marzipan and icing was noticed but in a good way. Yay. The cake went brilliantly with a nice cup of tea too. 

Third batch went to Alex’s brother Charles and sister in law Jaqs. Again another thumbs up.

The cake is moreish. The last piece of cake was eaten today. Here is the very last piece. We praise you cakey delight.

The very last slice. Pooh liked it.