So the results are in…

We have a winner. The cake that is. The cake was divided up into large pieces and we gave them to family members to act as taste testers over the Christmas period. We did do some sneak testing prior to delivery though. Both Alex and I looked at each other and shouted

Oh good lord that’s moist!

 <Both looking at the camera in a very Mirandaesque way>

I did a little jig of excitement as well.

So first drop off of cake went to my mother with a now squished snowman. He had got wedged behind a few bags in the car and now was a little disfigured. Poor Mr Snowman.  Initial taste from my mother was positive and a request that the cake is not made any boozier. 

Second batch went to my grandmother Ann. I have to say out of all our family/friends, this is the one person who I was waiting on to give her opinion. Ann was the person who taught me how to cook. For years I stood at her side in the kitchen watching and helping her to prepare meals. To say I was nervous was an underestimation. I gave her the cake and went to get a plate from her kitchen. Before I could get back to her, she had already started eating it and carried on eating it! Now the wedge I gave her should have lasted a few days, but within a few minutes she had eaten the lot. 

Our Sarah, that cake is perfect.

I was dancing inside. 

Third batch was provided to Alex’s mother. Again we received a good nod of appreciation and the thumbs up. The thin layer of marzipan and icing was noticed but in a good way. Yay. The cake went brilliantly with a nice cup of tea too. 

Third batch went to Alex’s brother Charles and sister in law Jaqs. Again another thumbs up.

The cake is moreish. The last piece of cake was eaten today. Here is the very last piece. We praise you cakey delight.

The very last slice. Pooh liked it.






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