Shuffley Sway

We are starting to narrow down what we would like to dance to for our first dance. I know that Alex wanted to swing me around and replicate the lift in Dirty Dancing but let’s face it it has been done before and we wouldn’t want to outshine Jennifer and Patrick now would we?

We did contemplate doing a Strictly Come Dancing style mash up but I developed an allergy to fake tan and rhinestones so that has also had to be sadly shelved. So the plan is to do something radical and stand a few centimetres apart with our arms round each other and sway a bit.

I know you are saying, ‘wow that is so ambitious, will they pull it off?‘.

Believe me, we will be practising every tilt and shuffle. WE will be experts in the Shuffley Sway. The big debate is what we should sway to.

Why not have a look at the list and let us know what you think. There is one that stands out to us but we just wondered what you thought.

So after listening to the tracks which one do you think?


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