Let us be seated.

Today I woke up having an anxiety attack, heart racing and feeling of being sick. I am starting to get panicky over the wedding. Lots of things to do and it started to overwhelm me. I keep hearing

“You will be fine, don’t worry”

but this is not really calming me down.

We set the end of November as the RSVP date but we have yet to receive some which I have to say is not helping stress levels. So if you are reading this and haven’t replied please please please with a cherry on top could you get back to us, even if you are not coming. Thank you!

Armed with those most splendid Post it notes, some Sharpies and pad we set about doing seating plans for the Wedding breakfast. Now If you are a seasoned wedding goer you will know that seating arrangements can make or break a wedding meal. Sometimes it is nice to mix it up a little but at the same time it can be uncomfortable if you are sat next to people who simply don’t share any interests and are poles apart. So with this in mind we have tried not to be too controversial and have tried to please people as much as we can.


So if we have done our sums correctly we should have eight tables including the top table. To be fair we managed to do the plan very quickly and we hope that everyone will be happy with the layout. We have also finalised the bunk room bed plans so will be publishing those soon for those who have asked to stay over. If anyone would to change their minds then please let us know.

Next week we have a lot of things to chase up and sort out. I must not get panicky. Everyone say “OM!”


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