Can it measure up?

Tonight Mister B and I headed to the suit hire shop to get the suits sorted for all the sassy men in the wedding party. A rather helpful chap called Tony, picked out a few suits, took a few measurements and then it was up to Mister B to prance about trying things on. To be honest with you, Tony did an excellent job and the first suit and colour combination he suggested were the ones that we ended up picking. It made a huge difference finding someone who knew about the suits and what would look good on their customer. This wasn’t the first suit hire place we had been to. The first we visited, the shop assistant was a bit of a drip.  Not only did she have no enthusiasm for her job but she didn’t have a clue when it came to reading her customers needs. The suits she initially suggested were the type of suits that could give a Van de Graaff  generator a run for its money. I had to practically shove my fist in my mouth to stifle my giggles when Mister B and my father came out of the changing rooms. My father look like he had come straight out of  ‘Honey I shrunk the kids’ as the shop assistant had given him the longest trousers she could find. I thought Mister B was going to pick up a microphone, say ‘A little bit of politics there’ and do an Ben Elton tribute act. To add to the hilarity, she gave them the shiniest, pointiest shoes to try on. As Mister B said, they could only be useful if you were a bit of a leery guy and wanted to look up skirts for a living.   After all that, we left feeling quite deflated. Tonight was a totally different experience and I am pleased to say, it is one more thing ticked off the ‘to do list’. Weird to think that next time I see Mister B in his suit he will be standing at the alter in church. Here’s a wee glimpse of the colours. Oooh how exciting!

Mister B looking a bit dapper. Phwoar!

Mister B looking a bit dapper. Phwoar!

Cup of tea? Don’t mind if I do.


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