mmmmmm PIE!

Let’s keep it simple and have pie and mash.


pie n mash

pie n mash

It was time to have a taste of the pies on offer for the wedding at Wilderhope yesterday. Mister B chowed down on the Steak and Ale and the Chicken and Leek and I had a taste of the vegetable offering. Whilst doing so we were surrounded by a massive party of teenagers who were letting their hair down after walking miles for their Duke of Edinburgh awards. There were walking boots everywhere, mud, maps and talk of ‘teenage’ things. Felt a bit strange sitting in a corner eating pie and mash. The clean plate indicated that Mister B enjoyed the meaty options. Even though the vegetarian option was tasty, I have opted for a different one for the wedding as it was packed with red peppers and not everyone is keen on them. Peppers just seem to be one of those foods which have a tendency to repeat frequently throughout the day so they had to go.

Leeky cluck

Leeky cluck


Next we were presented with the desserts…

Chocolate tart

Apple and berry pie with custard.

I am not a massive fan of chocolate desserts but it was delicious.The apple and berry pie was like a hug in a bowl.  Sadly I had eaten too much pie so had to leave it to Mister B to polish off all the desserts. I don’t think he was too bothered. As Mister B and I love cheesecake we have opted for a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake too. So now another thing is ticked off the list.

mmmmmmmmm PIE!


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