Did someone say tea and cake?

I have to say John Lewis really do know about good customer service and make their customers feel special. Mister B and I went to the Cardiff store last week to try and finalise our wedding gift list. We were handed a scanner, given instruction on how to use it and then let loose in the store. More importantly we were given vouchers for tea and cake in the cafe. Now as many of you will know that is one way to keep Mister B and I happy-CAKE!

We have popped together a list and may add a couple of items with Next as well and will pop the web links to them when they become live which should be around the 20th April. We have some expensive items on there so please don’t fall off your seats. There is an option to contribute or buy gift vouchers, we didn’t want people to think we were being cheeky! We will keep you posted as soon as we know. I must admit it took longer than expected to go around the shop. There were so many nice things that we did get a tad distracted. It was so nice to get a nice brew and a custard slice afterwards I can tell you. I also have to say that John Lewis do bloody amazing cake!

Mister B before Billie Jean video remake

Mister B before Billie Jean video remake




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