Dress update…

I have been for a first fitting on the dress, well half a dress at least. Audrey (for those who don’t know, she is the lovely dressmaker) has removed the old bodice from the dress and has remade it. She also made a template for the additions to the dress, so we trialled that as well. I must admit at the moment I just can’t picture what I am going to look like. One thing is that I will not be as sleek as I would like but I will just have to accept that. Here is a peek of some of the lace:



The next fitting will hopefully be more exciting, as Audrey will have made the proper bodice and attached it to the skirt. I am excited but at the same time a little bit scared.

I have also bought a couple pairs of shoes and am waiting to try them at the next dress fitting to see which ones are best. One pair is from Red or Dead and the other is from Irregular choice. I have to say that most of the wedding shoes I have seen were either a bit bland/old fashioned or just so expensive I would need to take out a mortgage. Unless you are planning on wearing them again, seriously is it worth spending over £300 for only the guests to see them peeking out from under your dress or on a photograph? I decided not.

I have one pair which has kitten heels and one with a medium heel. I think I will end up with both pairs though, I am a sucker for shoes. If it tips it down with rain I may have to resort to wellies but we will wait and see. I have bought some umbrella’s for the bridesmaids and I just in case. Even if it doesn’t rain they will be great for the photographs at least. So operation dress is in full swing. Next fitting is at the beginning of April….


2 thoughts on “Dress update…

  1. ‘For only the guests to see them peeking out from under your dress’ and don’t forget they’ll get ditched if there are is any form of puddle or grass for you to traverse over! x

  2. Saying this about the shoes though, I have the most fabulous pair of silver Jimmy choos – my own wedding shoes (discarded and left on the bar after 2 bottles of champagne!!) They are size 6, you are very, very welcome to borrow them. Will see if I can email you a link to see if they are your thing. Xx

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