In sickness and in health

I seem to be testing Mister B with the sickness bit at the moment. My immune system is rather dodgy and I just seem to skip from one bug to another which is making the organisation of the wedding even more tiring than it should be. I am considering wearing a biohazard suit at work to stop myself from getting anything else. At the moment I feel like my head has been dunked into a glue bucket as I can’t hear much and my nose whistles every time I try to breath through it. I am amazed so much gunk can come from one human being. Really rather extraordinary!  So apologies for the delay in writing stuff on the blog. We haven’t forgotten about people and we have been busy with wedding stuff.

A few weeks ago we were invited to meet with our vicar and all the other couples who shall be marrying in Apedale parish this year, to talk through our wedding plans, ask any questions and really think about why we are getting married. I have to say we were both a little apprehensive and really didn’t know what to expect. I know you should not have preconceptions about things but I had visions of sitting round in a circle and singing Kum ba yah. We drove up early to get there and were met with another couple who looked just as uncomfortable as us. I was starting to feel a little bit better. We were met by both of the parish vicar’s and swiftly given a nice cup of tea, which I have to say was much needed as both Mister B and I were a little on the flaggy side. I wedged myself at the end of a big sofa as close to the fire as possible and Mister B made a quick jump for a rather bouncy rocking chair. All he needed was a pipe and some slippers and he would have looked part of the rectory furniture. More couples turned up, all looking a tad on the sheepish side.We weren’t the only ones to have travelled a far away with some from  London, Warrington and Broseley. With us all wedged in we did some introductions and then was given sheets with questions on, which as couples we had to discuss. In our couples we were sent off to other rooms,  of course we ended up in a children’s room with books, tractors and so forth. I have to say  though we did actually go through the questions. Working through them was actually not as bad as you would think and made us realise that we are getting married for all the right reasons and that we do actually know each other fairly well. Seems strange but from my point of view, I think the process actually helped to bring us a little closer. I didn’t think it would be that worthwhile an exercise but actually I was pleasantly suprised. Once we finished all our questions, the children within took over and we both couldn’t help ourselves!

My little friend

My little friend

Mister B' s new wheels

Considering the weather at the mo...

Considering the weather at the mo…

We also had the opportunity to meet the organist John, who quickly set about playing some different processional and recessional music for us to hear. I have to say I don’t particularly like the Wedding March. I am always reminded of being back at school and hearing’ Here comes the bride, 40ft wide’. So that has been banished. I have to say choosing a processional piece is not as easy as you would think. Where we are getting married only has a very short aisle so we can’t have anything too lengthy. Now don’t laugh, but Mister B and I have been back to the church and have actually paced and timed the aisle. Anyone who could have seen us would have had a field day. The first time Mister B was a bit keen and was pulled straight back to the start. It takes roughly 40 seconds from door to the front of the church. That is if I don’t knock something over, trip over or my dad charges full throttle down (which will probably be the case). SO for the past week I have been listening to lots, well actually hundred’s of pieces of music to find the right one.

Some of my remarks….


‘It’s ruddy funeral music’

‘I want to dance down the aisle to this…hmm maybe dad won’t be that keen’

“oh this is great, oh wait, it is about a break up’

‘What the ?’

‘Bit too slow and there might be complaints from the congregation ‘

‘It’s the March of the animals…. I like it but it is the Elephant so maybe not’

‘Nah I think the vicar wouldn’t approve’

Eventually after knowing the entire back catalogue of Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Beethoven and all those other composery chaps I landed on one that wasn’t too traditional but was very fitting for the organ and church. To say I was relieved was an understatement. I haven’t listened to that much classical music since I was at primary school and we had a rather enthusiastic teacher who loved all the ballet music.

We have chosen some recessional music which we hope will provide some light entertainment when we march out. It raised a few sniggers at the rectory when we mentioned it but John the organist or ‘John the fingers’ as he is now known has given us the go ahead so it is all systems go.

Who would have thought that getting the Order of Service sorted would be such a faff though. It seemed to take forever to do. As we are having hymns we also have to get copyright permission to print the lyrics. We have decided on three hymns and two readings which all being well, will be known by everyone so we can all have a bit of a sing song. I set about creating a design for the Order of Service on Indesign and it has been approved by the vicar so we just have to get it printed out.

Here is a sneak peek:

Sneaky peek

Sneaky peek


One step closer folks!



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