Keep on running

To tie in with the theme, we purchased some hessian and made some table runners. I realised during making the runner that:

  1. Hessian smells and sheds fibres like hell which can leave you looking like you have lived with a very hairy dog for a very long time.
  2. Long pieces of material can be a headache to measure and this leads you to move a lot of living room furniture around.
  3. My sewing machine is temperamental and has the occasional urge to munch hessian.
  4. Sewing long strips of material can be incredibly dull
  5. Dress pins hurt when you stand on them and they bury deep into your foot
  6. Sewing machines make me swear a lot

The runners are done, and I hope with all my will that they will be long enough. If they aren’t, then they will be quirky…OK??!!


keep on running

keep on running

all sewed up

all sewed up



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