Hair raising?

As many of you who know me I am not a ‘girly’girl. Pink makes my toes curl. I don’t have a beauty regime and I don’t care about leaving the house without make on. For me I feel like I am in fancy dress if I don a dress, get my hair done or wear make up. It just isn’t a natural thing to me. I have no idea why. When I read ‘girls’ mags I must admit I feel a bit of a freak not wanting to go out and go mad with a credit card. So in an attempt to make an effort for the wedding, I booked in for a hair and make up trial to see what I liked.
The make up trial went ok but afterwards my skin felt irritated and a bit caked. I must admit it was too much for someone who never wears make up. I know that I am old but I thought it made me look totally knackered.I am now considering cancelling my make up and doing it myself so I know the products don’t irritate my skin. Feel bad doing that but may save me from itching skin all day.

Later on in the day I met up with my mum, my matron of honour, Ffion and her mum to have my hair done. We all piled into the Amber room in Church Stretton and after looking through some styles I had seen, Clara set to with heated rollers. I have been growing my hair for the wedding for a while and I think this is the longest I have ever had it. I have been tempted to have it chopped as it seems to shed everywhere. Seriously I think Mister B thinks I am turning into a yeti.
I have lots of hair but it is fine so Clara wanted to create some volume by giving me some barrel curls. After the rollers were popped in, conversation consisted of the grand national, pregnancy ,mahoosive babies (I was sat crossing my legs!) and of course the wedding. Photo opportunity.


I think I totally rock rollers don’t you? Nora Batty eat your heart out

After a few minutes , the rollers were removed and I was left with lovely curls. Next Clara started to pin and spray my hair. As my hair is normally poker straight this was no mean feat. Next the grand national was put on the radio and we were listening intently hoping for a win. Sadly my horse came fourth. After nearly a can of hairspray and a few hours Clara showed me her masterpiece. Lots of ooohs and ah’s from everyone. I think all of the emotion, sudden realisation I am getting married and tiredness hit me and I blubbed. The bottom lip wobbled and I broke. Poor Clara though she had done it all wrong but I was thrilled. Honest I was. I may smell and taste Elnett hairspray for months (and so may the others) but it was a success.

Won’t reveal what my hair looked like but I think people may be a little surprised. Maybe I do scrub up ok after all. Later that night I removed the pins and ruffled my hair. I looked like I had stepped out of the 1980’s, all I needed was a power suit.

Was lovely to get everyone together as well for a good old natter. Been so difficult trying to juggle work and sorting a wedding from afar.
Thanks to Clara at the Amber Room, mum, Ffion and her mum for a lovely day xxx



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