Feeling flowery

After scouring the internet and dabbling with flowers in the past, I have decided that we are going to do our own flowers for the wedding. Some brides or florists may read this and shake their heads. But seriously, I just cannot justify the inflated prices that are out there. I spoke and emailed a lot of florists for quotes and was amazed. Now I know that you are paying for a florists time and expertise but seriously one florist wanted to charge me £20.00 for filling a jam jar with flowers and I was providing the jam jar. What the ???? I am not being tight but I could buy a big bunch of flowers for that.

I looked for recommendations on Money Saving Expert and lots of people recommended Triangle nurseries who are wholesalers. I went through their helpful flower guide, compiled a list of flowers/foliage that I liked and went on Pinterest and created a board of flower arrangements in the colours that we had chosen. I spoke with a lovely lady called Mary at Triangle who helped to create a detailed list of all the flowers we needed for our arrangements, button holes, bouquets etc within our budget. After a few changes, that was it-SORTED!  It was that simple. The flowers for the wedding will be arriving on the Thursday before the wedding and then the Flower Committee will be getting together on the Friday morning to get it all done. For some reason I think we need headscarves for this. Don’t ask, I have no idea why.   I am hoping that with music, bubbles and patience we will prevail. I am not guaranteeing anything like Ikebana but it will look fab.

We have had all our Banns read at St Cynog’s now and we are going to go to the last one at St Peter’s in Rushbury next weekend. Amazing how quickly they go.

I have been making some more bits and bobs for the day. My father gave me an old cutlery box of my grandmothers and I thought that I would try and upcycle it to include it in the day. Sounds daft and a bit sentimental but I feel by having it there, I am including my gran in the day. I have decided to use it for wedding cards and have decorated it. I have also been drying flowers and herbs for the confetti. Last Summer I cut all the lavender from the garden and dried it and have been adding rose petals, carnations,  rosemary, forget-me-nots and camillia. They are not perfect as they have browned a little but will do the job I am sure.  I have also made some confetti cones and popped them in an old basket I bought a while ago. The cones were very easy to make, by cutting squares, rolling and using good old Pritt stick. Here is a sneak peak…

Sneak peak

Sneak peak

More makes

More makes

I have been umming and arring about making bunting. I tried making some fabric ones a while ago and I found it a faff. I am sure for people who are good at textiles it is very very easy but I found cutting , pinning etc just left me frustrated and bored. I was just about to cheat and buy some when I came across this wonderful article  on The Sweetest Digs blog which shows how to make easy hessian/burlap bunting. As it is only going to be used for one day, it does not have to be industrial strength. No sewing and easy-genius!!!

Using some left over hessian, I set about making triangles, and then using some left over paint I painted on the letters. After drying for a while, I made some holes in each corner and threaded on some string. They may be a little bit rough around the ages and a bit wonky but that is the joy of homemade stuff, it isn’t perfect!


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