Parking people

Lots of people have asked about parking.

People coming to church-parking

As parking is limited outside the church at Rushbury we would ask people to park at Rushbury village hall instead if at all possible. We do have some parking at Rushbury primary school but this will be first come first served. You can walk but it may take you a while so Kev has kindly organised a minibus which seats 16 and will be able to pick people up from the village carpark down to the church.

The first minibus will take people who are staying at Wilderhope to the church, followed by a pick up from Rushbury Village Hall.

Wilderhope to Rushbury church: Leaving at 11.20 am
Rushbury Village Hall to Church: 11.30am

Signs will be placed along the road, and will say Birts wedding so keep your eyes peeled.Our ushers Craig and Alexander will also be around to guide you. Be nice they don’t bite.
Also please leave space for the wedding cars to pull up, otherwise the bridal party will be hiking to the church, need kendal mint cake and may be a bit late.

Parking at Wilderhope

Limited parking outside the venue but the farmer next door has kindly agreed to let us have some parking space on his land. As it is a working farm please respect the animals and do not park in front of the farmers exits please. Parking signs again will guide you. Please also leave adequate space outside of Wilderhope for the wedding cars, otherwise the bride will be a grump.

So there you go, everything you need to know about parking your brum.


Wedding mission commences

Well countdown has well and truly started. Already Mister B and I are walking round looking a bit zombified. I have to say getting married where we live would have been easier for us as we have spent most of our time remotely trying to get everything sorted out. Weirdly enough, the first time I will see all the bridesmaids together will be on Friday. I also haven’t seen them all in their dresses apart from the photos.

I finished work last Friday and haven’t stopped since. We have had a few cancellations sadly, which we know cannot be helped (we understand!) and we have added a few people (welcome to the party people!) Mister B and I have been up to the wee hours making place settings, a seat plan, doing the favours, parking and room signs.

I mazipanned the wedding cakes and then iced them. I thought I could cheat by buying ready rolled icing for the bottom tier but it was a pile of poo. As I unrolled it, it cracked straight down the centre. So I ended up doing it the old fashioned way. Transferring it to the moistened marzipan was interesting as it was huge. I improvised by placing the wedding cakes on an upturned glass bowl, instead of a turning table. They are not perfectly smooth but not too bad for a rather knackered bride! They have now been stored at my father’s for safe delivery on Friday night, where we will stack them and decorate it. I made a little cake topper myself which I hope does not look too bad.



John Lewis have been in touch about delivery of our gift list which is jolly exciting too.

We packed everything into two vehicles this morning and headed north. First stop was to see the wedding car. Mister B’s father started to restore the Hillman in 1980 but sadly was unable to finish it. Today for the first time in 33 years it is back in one piece and working again. Neville and his team have done an amazing job on restoring it. I am really excited about being in it on Saturday. Everyone who has seen it falls in love with it. My father added the gold trim to it today too which really sets the paintwork off. Won’t post a photo just yet as we want it to a be a nice surprise for everyone on Saturday.

Mister B had his hair chopped tonight and we dropped a load of things off at my mums.

Loads of questions keep coming in which we will try to answer shortly. If you don’t get an instant response bear with us we will get back to you but might be dashing about.

not long to go folks…



Feeling clucky?

One week to go eeeeeek! The last month has gone so quickly and is a bit of a blur. We have started getting wedding cards arriving at home and notifications of gifts being bought for us from our wedding list which is extremely exciting. Mister B went on his stag weekend which I am sure he will love to tell you about soon. Let’s just say his weekend involved a lot of water, fun, a fire alarm, some gorges, an inflatable sheep and tiredness.

As it was incredibly difficult to get a a suitable activity and time for everyone together for a hen weekend, I decided against it. It would have been lovely but was proving to be a headache to organise and I must admit the last few months I have been fairly exhausted. So at the last minute I invited a few ladies from work for a for some pizza and drinks. I had a lovely time and it was great to do something nice for me instead of worrying about the wedding. I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came and treated me to rather intoxicating beverages. Hic! A special thanks to Cath who I share an office with at work, who had arranged lots of willie themed goodies and contacted Mister B about a ‘Mr and Mrs’ question and answer session for me. I had no idea it was going to take place and was cringing as I thought I wouldn’t get any of the questions right. I was rather relieved that in the end I actually knew a lot of rather random and obscure stuff about Mister B. Phew that is a relief! I am waiting for the right moment however to do my forfeit involving a hairy chested man. Ewwww.

Really enjoyed myself even if I felt a little tired the next day. THANKS EVERYONE! xx


The hens


Loving the hen bindi


Hmm interesting cookies these will make


I look like a fraggle




My what interesting dough balls Pizza Express have


Caption please?!

Wedding cake update..yes again!

I am sorry to say that I have decided to change the wedding cake….we are not having carrot and chocolate cake as the two top layers. I am capable of making them but as time draws on, I don’t think I will have enough time to bake them and ice them before heading up to Shropshire. So the decision was made to make three layers of fruit cake instead. So if you dislike fruit cake and cheese well you are a bit stuffed I guess!

We ventured into Swansea to get everything, for this rather big task. We had to time everything by six to fill the three tins, which as it turns out is a lot of ingredients. One mistake I will never make again is going into Swansea on a Saturday afternoon. It was hell. I am not exaggerating when I say this. I could feel my blood pressure increase as I entered the supermarket. I was stood picking up some butter when a lady decided to grab a load of lard from the shelf above. Next thing I know the whole lot came crashing down and narrowly missing my head.

“oh sorry luv, did it hit eww?’ she said

“No, it didn’t thankfully” I said as I stepped back to help pick the stuff up from the floor. Just as I stepped back her friend decided to ram her shopping trolley into my back.

Looking at her friend laughing the woman said ” There’s me nearly braining her with stuff and uwww are now trying to take her out with a shopping trolley”

Let’s just say I walked away with a rather fixed smile on my face and the urge to kill someone. Never ever again.

Back at the safety of home, and after a cup of tea, I set upon making the first tier. I hunted round for the biggest pot to put all the ingredients in and thankfully I had a stock pot just the right size. After mixing together the butter, sugar, brandy, vanilla extract, chocolate and fruit, we added nine eggs, flour, ground almonds and cocoa. I thought my wooden spoon would break, as there was such a lot to mix together. I must admit it took a bit of huffing and puffing to get it all mixed. Great workout for your arms though. After lining the cake tin on the in and outside, the cake was popped in the oven for 3 and a bit hours to cook.

Today I finished the other two tiers after spending the morning with a horrible migraine. Thankfully they came out ok and are now going to be fed each day with a good glug of brandy. Just need to add the marzipan, icing and decoration closer to the wedding.

If you would like the recipe it can be found here.

Let’s drive some miles

Eeek! We now have less than 3 weeks to go and things are starting to pick up pace. Last weekend we drove miles to get a few more items ticked off the list. Firstly Mister B and I went to Oswestry and the Ring Workshop to pick up the wedding rings that we’d had made.  Thank you to Mark and the team there who were really very helpful. Rings are sorted-CHECK!

We then headed over to Shrewsbury to meet up with my mum and Kev, to get the men measured up for their suits at Moss Bros.  Both Mister B and Kev paraded around in various getups until the right ones were found.  Suits are sorted-CHECK!


This is what trying on suits does to you...

This is what trying on suits does to you…

Mum and I

Mum and I

We had a quick walk round Shrewsbury to look for some earrings for me to wear for the wedding and had a wander round one of the Antique shops in Belmont. As always we got up to mischief and Mister B had to try on a rather big fireman’s helmet. Ooooh missus. Makes you feel old when you realise that some of the antique toys were ones you remember playing with when you were a child!

Shrewsbury silliness

Shrewsbury silliness

We then popped round to see my gran, Ann before bedding down for the night to get up bright and early for the last of our banns being read at Rushbury Church the next morning. There were more people there than I expected and all very friendly. I think we caused a bit of panic though with the name of where we live, as there was a frantic chat about how to pronounce it. The service was lovely and I don’t know if it was intentional or not but the last hymn that was chosen, is actually the first hymn of our wedding. Another weird thing happened too. For once the bank holiday weather was actually quite nice and during the service a ray of sunshine came through one of the church windows straight onto my hymn book. It shone no where else in the church. I looked up and on the stained glass it said St Paul. Strangely enough that is my dad’s name! Well obviously not the Saint bit! Strange coincidence but brought a smile to my face nevertheless.

Running a tad late (sorry Ffion!) we then drove back to Shrewsbury for Sunday lunch at the Armoury with my matron of honor and her family which was a good end to a hectic weekend. A few glasses of wine and a tasty salad left me feeling rather sloshed! I noticed as well that my salad was smiling back at me too…or was I imagining it? Thank you Ffion, Rich, Thomas and Ben for lunch and laughter! xx


Since then we have been printing off the Order of Service and Menu’s. You would think that this would be a simple task but it has caused a few headaches. Note to anyone who is doing this themselves, check that the thickness of card will go through your printer before you purchase it. I didn’t and as a result Mister B and I spent a few hours sweating buckets and using rather fruity language at printers. We got there in the end and they are looking good.