Let’s drive some miles

Eeek! We now have less than 3 weeks to go and things are starting to pick up pace. Last weekend we drove miles to get a few more items ticked off the list. Firstly Mister B and I went to Oswestry and the Ring Workshop to pick up the wedding rings that we’d had made.  Thank you to Mark and the team there who were really very helpful. Rings are sorted-CHECK!

We then headed over to Shrewsbury to meet up with my mum and Kev, to get the men measured up for their suits at Moss Bros.  Both Mister B and Kev paraded around in various getups until the right ones were found.  Suits are sorted-CHECK!


This is what trying on suits does to you...

This is what trying on suits does to you…

Mum and I

Mum and I

We had a quick walk round Shrewsbury to look for some earrings for me to wear for the wedding and had a wander round one of the Antique shops in Belmont. As always we got up to mischief and Mister B had to try on a rather big fireman’s helmet. Ooooh missus. Makes you feel old when you realise that some of the antique toys were ones you remember playing with when you were a child!

Shrewsbury silliness

Shrewsbury silliness

We then popped round to see my gran, Ann before bedding down for the night to get up bright and early for the last of our banns being read at Rushbury Church the next morning. There were more people there than I expected and all very friendly. I think we caused a bit of panic though with the name of where we live, as there was a frantic chat about how to pronounce it. The service was lovely and I don’t know if it was intentional or not but the last hymn that was chosen, is actually the first hymn of our wedding. Another weird thing happened too. For once the bank holiday weather was actually quite nice and during the service a ray of sunshine came through one of the church windows straight onto my hymn book. It shone no where else in the church. I looked up and on the stained glass it said St Paul. Strangely enough that is my dad’s name! Well obviously not the Saint bit! Strange coincidence but brought a smile to my face nevertheless.

Running a tad late (sorry Ffion!) we then drove back to Shrewsbury for Sunday lunch at the Armoury with my matron of honor and her family which was a good end to a hectic weekend. A few glasses of wine and a tasty salad left me feeling rather sloshed! I noticed as well that my salad was smiling back at me too…or was I imagining it? Thank you Ffion, Rich, Thomas and Ben for lunch and laughter! xx


Since then we have been printing off the Order of Service and Menu’s. You would think that this would be a simple task but it has caused a few headaches. Note to anyone who is doing this themselves, check that the thickness of card will go through your printer before you purchase it. I didn’t and as a result Mister B and I spent a few hours sweating buckets and using rather fruity language at printers. We got there in the end and they are looking good.


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