Wedding cake update..yes again!

I am sorry to say that I have decided to change the wedding cake….we are not having carrot and chocolate cake as the two top layers. I am capable of making them but as time draws on, I don’t think I will have enough time to bake them and ice them before heading up to Shropshire. So the decision was made to make three layers of fruit cake instead. So if you dislike fruit cake and cheese well you are a bit stuffed I guess!

We ventured into Swansea to get everything, for this rather big task. We had to time everything by six to fill the three tins, which as it turns out is a lot of ingredients. One mistake I will never make again is going into Swansea on a Saturday afternoon. It was hell. I am not exaggerating when I say this. I could feel my blood pressure increase as I entered the supermarket. I was stood picking up some butter when a lady decided to grab a load of lard from the shelf above. Next thing I know the whole lot came crashing down and narrowly missing my head.

“oh sorry luv, did it hit eww?’ she said

“No, it didn’t thankfully” I said as I stepped back to help pick the stuff up from the floor. Just as I stepped back her friend decided to ram her shopping trolley into my back.

Looking at her friend laughing the woman said ” There’s me nearly braining her with stuff and uwww are now trying to take her out with a shopping trolley”

Let’s just say I walked away with a rather fixed smile on my face and the urge to kill someone. Never ever again.

Back at the safety of home, and after a cup of tea, I set upon making the first tier. I hunted round for the biggest pot to put all the ingredients in and thankfully I had a stock pot just the right size. After mixing together the butter, sugar, brandy, vanilla extract, chocolate and fruit, we added nine eggs, flour, ground almonds and cocoa. I thought my wooden spoon would break, as there was such a lot to mix together. I must admit it took a bit of huffing and puffing to get it all mixed. Great workout for your arms though. After lining the cake tin on the in and outside, the cake was popped in the oven for 3 and a bit hours to cook.

Today I finished the other two tiers after spending the morning with a horrible migraine. Thankfully they came out ok and are now going to be fed each day with a good glug of brandy. Just need to add the marzipan, icing and decoration closer to the wedding.

If you would like the recipe it can be found here.


3 thoughts on “Wedding cake update..yes again!

  1. If it makes it any better, my aunt is making my fruit cake tier and she accidentally set it on fire. The cake, her and the kitchen were ok in the end but it was certainly dramatic!

      • No alcohol at that point although it is being fed now. She wrapped it so that there was no chance of it burning and the string she used caught in the gas oven >_<
        The question is… is all of the brandy going into the cake? ;p

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