Parking people

Lots of people have asked about parking.

People coming to church-parking

As parking is limited outside the church at Rushbury we would ask people to park at Rushbury village hall instead if at all possible. We do have some parking at Rushbury primary school but this will be first come first served. You can walk but it may take you a while so Kev has kindly organised a minibus which seats 16 and will be able to pick people up from the village carpark down to the church.

The first minibus will take people who are staying at Wilderhope to the church, followed by a pick up from Rushbury Village Hall.

Wilderhope to Rushbury church: Leaving at 11.20 am
Rushbury Village Hall to Church: 11.30am

Signs will be placed along the road, and will say Birts wedding so keep your eyes peeled.Our ushers Craig and Alexander will also be around to guide you. Be nice they don’t bite.
Also please leave space for the wedding cars to pull up, otherwise the bridal party will be hiking to the church, need kendal mint cake and may be a bit late.

Parking at Wilderhope

Limited parking outside the venue but the farmer next door has kindly agreed to let us have some parking space on his land. As it is a working farm please respect the animals and do not park in front of the farmers exits please. Parking signs again will guide you. Please also leave adequate space outside of Wilderhope for the wedding cars, otherwise the bride will be a grump.

So there you go, everything you need to know about parking your brum.


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