Wedding mission commences

Well countdown has well and truly started. Already Mister B and I are walking round looking a bit zombified. I have to say getting married where we live would have been easier for us as we have spent most of our time remotely trying to get everything sorted out. Weirdly enough, the first time I will see all the bridesmaids together will be on Friday. I also haven’t seen them all in their dresses apart from the photos.

I finished work last Friday and haven’t stopped since. We have had a few cancellations sadly, which we know cannot be helped (we understand!) and we have added a few people (welcome to the party people!) Mister B and I have been up to the wee hours making place settings, a seat plan, doing the favours, parking and room signs.

I mazipanned the wedding cakes and then iced them. I thought I could cheat by buying ready rolled icing for the bottom tier but it was a pile of poo. As I unrolled it, it cracked straight down the centre. So I ended up doing it the old fashioned way. Transferring it to the moistened marzipan was interesting as it was huge. I improvised by placing the wedding cakes on an upturned glass bowl, instead of a turning table. They are not perfectly smooth but not too bad for a rather knackered bride! They have now been stored at my father’s for safe delivery on Friday night, where we will stack them and decorate it. I made a little cake topper myself which I hope does not look too bad.



John Lewis have been in touch about delivery of our gift list which is jolly exciting too.

We packed everything into two vehicles this morning and headed north. First stop was to see the wedding car. Mister B’s father started to restore the Hillman in 1980 but sadly was unable to finish it. Today for the first time in 33 years it is back in one piece and working again. Neville and his team have done an amazing job on restoring it. I am really excited about being in it on Saturday. Everyone who has seen it falls in love with it. My father added the gold trim to it today too which really sets the paintwork off. Won’t post a photo just yet as we want it to a be a nice surprise for everyone on Saturday.

Mister B had his hair chopped tonight and we dropped a load of things off at my mums.

Loads of questions keep coming in which we will try to answer shortly. If you don’t get an instant response bear with us we will get back to you but might be dashing about.

not long to go folks…




3 thoughts on “Wedding mission commences

  1. I hope you both have a great day! You’ve certainly worked hard for it. We too are having a wedding away from home but fortunately my Mom has done a lot of work for me, it does still add to the stress though. Cakes are looking good! I bet your cake topper is lovely. We too are making our own. I am looking forward to seeing photos after the wedding.

    • Thank you, I am sure it will be worth it in the end. Mister B and I compared it to a marathon this morning. Every day is another few miles uphill. Looking forward to the downhill to free wheel! Good luck with yours too, how long do you have now? Sorry this is probably what everyone is asking or saying ‘Are you excited?’ I would be a millionaire if I had a pound for every time I am asked.

      • That is a good analogy! We are definitely in an uphill bit at the moment since our transport had to cancel! But there are so many good bits in the lead up too, I am enjoying it.

        Just under a month for us now but I think everything is in hand, I have a timetable I just hope we can stick to it. Very excited! Any tips on getting a good nights sleep? :p

        At least a million pounds! Or certainly enough to pay for the wedding.

        Make sure you tell us how the cake tastes as well, I have probably heard as much about your cake as my own, I wait with baited breath.

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