Flowery fripperies

If you have ever thought flower arranging is just for those who are just Women Institute material or who are artsy think again. If you are a bride to be who is worried about escalating costs and florist costs are making you feel you may have to sit in a corner and rock for a while, then don’t worry, do you wedding flowers yourself! Don’t be put off, seriously it is not as difficult as people make out. Get some willing friends and family together and have a go. I scoured florists for quotes and I must admit that I just couldn’t justify it. After a lot of research I decided to plump for Triangle nurseries and ordered the flowers wholesale online. If I had lived close to an amazing wholesale flower market then I would have loved to have gone in person but time and location prevented this.

The first thing to do is decide on how many arrangements, buttonholes and bouquets etc you will need. Don’t forget you can stretch your budget if you take the flower arrangements you have made for the church to the reception (guests are happy to help with this), or if you are getting married in the same place as your reception.

The second thing to do is try to narrow down your flower choices. Think about the longevity of your flowers, what look you would like and whether you want scent. Longevity is so important. Remember you will need to prepare them a few days before and to ensure they look gorgeous on the day you need to pick flowers that will stand up to the job. Some flowers such as chrysanthemums will last for weeks, others will wilt quickly.

A good tip is to try and find which flowers are in ‘vogue’ or not in season and avoid them if you can. The costs will be higher. I could not believe how expensive hydrangeas were. They are extremely popular but they were more expensive than roses! I had some flowers in mind and had trawled the internet for ideas on colour combinations, textures and supplies. As our colour palette was white, brown and green, then I was concerned about the arrangements looking a little flat. I really wanted lots of texture and above all else scent. Anyone who knows me, will know I have a rather heightened sense of smell. I am a little like a sniffer dog…I pick up on weird smells all the time that no one else can pick up.

The third thing to do is to do your research and look at types of arrangements and how to do it. You will be amazed just how many ‘diy flower’ videos there are on youtube which give you tips and teach you the skills you need. I also loved looking round Pinterest for DIY ideas and flower arrangements.

I found some amazing displays by Francoise Weeks and I particularly loved the way she used woodland materials. I would have loved to make table arrangements in her style but as I was getting married away from where I lived and materials had to be transported I thought this would be too stressful so I had to dismiss this sadly.
As the venues we had chosen were impressive and we liked the rustic look then I decided to not be fussy with the decorations. Sometimes keeping things simple can be just as striking. To keep costs down we collected lots and lots of glass food jars of all shapes, sizes and colours to decorate the church pews and the reception tables. I must admit we ate a lot of curry, cook in sauces, jam etc in the lead up to the wedding. As I had lots of hessian left after making the table runners, I thought I would cut strips of it and wrap round the jars with some raffia to keep with the theme. You could paint, stencil or wrap with ribbon to liven up the jars too.
To keep the bouquets simple I decided on hand tied posies wrapped with ribbon.

I created a Pinterest board which proved to be extremely useful. Armed with an idea of numbers of arrangements and a rough budget I contacted Triangle nurseries. I was upfront and explained this was the first time I had ordered flowers wholesale and the helpful lady took all my details, the colours and flowers I wanted and sent me an email with rough ideas of what flowers I could afford for my budget and roughly how much I would need to order. After a few emails I had it all sorted. As you have to prep the flowers before arranging them, I ordered them for the Thursday before the wedding (Saturday).All I had to do was get some floristry supplies, buckets and helpers.


I got a lot of my supplies from Hobby craft and also the Range. The key items we used were blocks of oasis for the church window displays/pedestals, plastic containers for the oasis, green florist tape for securing the oasis to the containers, green florist tape for winding round the button holes, black builders buckets and good florist scissors. I did buy a lot of wire but actually used none in the end.


My matron of honor, Ffion kindly offered her kitchen and her services for arranging the flowers. Ffion’s lovely hubbie Rich also pitched in and so did my mum. Team flower was created!

What we did

We had to make:

10 buttonholes
Four bridesmaid posies
One bridal bouquet
Nine church window displays
12 pew end jar arrangements
One church pedestal arrangement
21 table jar arrangements
One top table arrangement
One milk churn arrangement

Flowers/Foliage we used:

Rose avalanche
Alchemella mollis
Veronica white
Stocks cream
White peony
Freesia white
Bouvardia white
Monte cassini white
White reagen sp chrysanth
White stallion sp chrysanth
White delianne sp chrysanth
White hydrangea
Alstromeria white
Lysianthus white
Soft ruscus
Hard ruscus
Cinerea eucalyptus
Papaver seed heads
Hypericum green



Flowers arrived at 8am and we set about unwrapping the flowers, cutting the stems (at an angle or slicing woody stems) and placing them in buckets of cold water. They were then placed in cool dark place to prevent them wilting and opening too much.

Unpacking the flowers

Unpacking the flowers


8am until 12.30pm

Ffion, mum and I worked our way through the lists of items and set about making the displays. Music on and smiles on our faces we submerged the oasis in cold water.

Big tip: Don’t push the oasis under the water, let it sink of it’s own accord before using. We attached the oasis with tape to the plastic containers for the church window displays. We laid out the allocated stems of flowers and foliage on the table and set about cutting and arranging the foliage first before fleshing out with the flowers. Lots of umming, erring, singing and glee we quickly had some beautiful displays.

Are you turning into a koala Ffion?

Are you turning into a koala Ffion?

Team flower

Team flower

hard at work

hard at work

Coming together

Coming together

beautiful flowery things

beautiful flowery things

Buttonholes: We picked the most gorgeous roses and foliage and wrapped green florist tape around. You should technically wire these but we didn’t and they still looked amazing.



Bouquet and posies. There was something quite satisfying about making my own bouquet. Holding a stem I then alternated the flowers and rotated the bouquet as I went. My bouquet contained freesia, avalanche roses, bouvardia, papaver seed heads, gypsophila, veronica, alchemella and peonies. Smelt divine and looked beautiful. My only regret is that I didn’t make it a little larger. The bridesmaids had exactly the same flowers apart from the peonies.

Posie ladies

Posie ladies

Jam jar arrangements/milk churn: Simply randomly pick foliage and flowers and pop in jars! Easy peasy. Don’t be too hung up on arranging these, they will look fab!

jam jarry goodness

jam jarry goodness

Church pedestal: This makes me snigger. Mum and I took some flowers down to the church literally half an hour before the wedding rehearsal. We were rushing, and did it in 10 minutes. I cut the stems and mum worked like a trojan to put them into the oasis. The combinations of flowers and foliage were brilliant. Sadly in my haste to get the decoration done, I didn’t tape the oasis down enough. During the wedding service, we think someone nudged the arrangement as they walked past and it lurched forward and fell onto the floor.Luckily for us our best man rescued the arrangement and plonked it back on! I must admit I found it hilarious.
Big big tip: Make sure you use plenty of tape to secure your arrangements, as they are very heavy.

A few more tips:

Remember to mist your flowers regularly and keep cool before the wedding. Ffion was brilliant with her mister!

If you have flowers that have soft stems, to prevent them from flopping, keep them wrapped before arranging. Wire the stems when arranging.

If you have flowers which are in bud and you want them open before the wedding, bring them out of the dark the day before to encourage them.

Have fun!

All in all our flowers looked amazing and I was thrilled with them. Team flower were bloomin’ amazing.

Thank you to Team flower (Ffion, Rich and mum), Mister B for collecting and moving the flowers and Sal. We couldn’t have done it without you! xx


2 thoughts on “Flowery fripperies

  1. Hi, these look great! Just investigating how to do mine in a few weeks! How did you do the milk churn? What did you have in there to put the flowers in? thanks!

    • Thank you.With the milk churn we had, we didn’t need to put anything in it, we just filled with water. To hold flowers in you could run tape over top in criss cross pattern and then cover with foliage to hide tape. Some fab flower combo’s on here. http://theflowermonger.co.uk/milk-churn-vibe/ Also they look lovely with just cow parsley in them but be careful when picking as Hogsweed looks similar but causes skin reactions. Hope it goes well, enjoy your wedding πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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