We did it!

Well it has taken a while for the dust to settle and get the energy up to write another blog post following our big day. I am happy to say that we had a wonderful day of what we can remember of it. As everyone says, it goes so quickly. We have both sat and discussed the day and do actually wonder if it happened. Very strange feeling.

It is so weird, it is as if we both have some strange amnesia. We both feel like we need to redo it just to experience it again. Despite this we did have a great time surrounded by our family and friends, had amazing weather and everything went fine (well sort of). I won’t lie, it was extremely hard work for those involved and we were shattered afterwards. Mister B and I didn’t stop from the Tuesday before the wedding until Monday afternoon. We felt like we drifted through everything with a big grin on our faces.Bit surreal but in a fun way. We were very very fortunate to have the support of our family and friends which helped no end. I think if we hadn’t had them helping out over the week before the wedding it wouldn’t have been such a slick affair

We really would like to thank everyone who helped out, came to the wedding, sent us cards, presents and their best wishes. We have received lots of beautiful presents and cards (some hand made which were amazing) but we are waiting for some further presents via John Lewis. We will be sending out thank you cards soon. 🙂

We have had loads of people feeding back about how much they enjoyed the day, which I have to say means a lot especially after all the work Mister B and I have put into it. We tried to make it as relaxed as possible, so people there didn’t feel uncomfortable. I have been to a few wedding where etiquette dictates everything and it can really put a damper on things.

Even though we have had to make arrangements from afar, everything we had made, collected and bought actually worked and I have to say I was a little bit teary when I saw it all come together especially after all the planning.

It was so hectic that I was unable to make some posts about the prep work including the restoration of the Hillman, the flower arranging and the night before. I would like to think that this blog was/is not just for our family and friends but also for brides/grooms to be. It is helpful to get ideas and recommendations from others especially when in a bit of a tiz about your nuptials.

So I will post more about the prep, the suppliers we used and what happens after the big day soon. In the interim here is a lovely photo that my cousin Ed took when we were stood at the aisle…



Parking people

Lots of people have asked about parking.

People coming to church-parking

As parking is limited outside the church at Rushbury we would ask people to park at Rushbury village hall instead if at all possible. We do have some parking at Rushbury primary school but this will be first come first served. You can walk but it may take you a while so Kev has kindly organised a minibus which seats 16 and will be able to pick people up from the village carpark down to the church.

The first minibus will take people who are staying at Wilderhope to the church, followed by a pick up from Rushbury Village Hall.

Wilderhope to Rushbury church: Leaving at 11.20 am
Rushbury Village Hall to Church: 11.30am

Signs will be placed along the road, and will say Birts wedding so keep your eyes peeled.Our ushers Craig and Alexander will also be around to guide you. Be nice they don’t bite.
Also please leave space for the wedding cars to pull up, otherwise the bridal party will be hiking to the church, need kendal mint cake and may be a bit late.

Parking at Wilderhope

Limited parking outside the venue but the farmer next door has kindly agreed to let us have some parking space on his land. As it is a working farm please respect the animals and do not park in front of the farmers exits please. Parking signs again will guide you. Please also leave adequate space outside of Wilderhope for the wedding cars, otherwise the bride will be a grump.

So there you go, everything you need to know about parking your brum.

Wedding mission commences

Well countdown has well and truly started. Already Mister B and I are walking round looking a bit zombified. I have to say getting married where we live would have been easier for us as we have spent most of our time remotely trying to get everything sorted out. Weirdly enough, the first time I will see all the bridesmaids together will be on Friday. I also haven’t seen them all in their dresses apart from the photos.

I finished work last Friday and haven’t stopped since. We have had a few cancellations sadly, which we know cannot be helped (we understand!) and we have added a few people (welcome to the party people!) Mister B and I have been up to the wee hours making place settings, a seat plan, doing the favours, parking and room signs.

I mazipanned the wedding cakes and then iced them. I thought I could cheat by buying ready rolled icing for the bottom tier but it was a pile of poo. As I unrolled it, it cracked straight down the centre. So I ended up doing it the old fashioned way. Transferring it to the moistened marzipan was interesting as it was huge. I improvised by placing the wedding cakes on an upturned glass bowl, instead of a turning table. They are not perfectly smooth but not too bad for a rather knackered bride! They have now been stored at my father’s for safe delivery on Friday night, where we will stack them and decorate it. I made a little cake topper myself which I hope does not look too bad.



John Lewis have been in touch about delivery of our gift list which is jolly exciting too.

We packed everything into two vehicles this morning and headed north. First stop was to see the wedding car. Mister B’s father started to restore the Hillman in 1980 but sadly was unable to finish it. Today for the first time in 33 years it is back in one piece and working again. Neville and his team have done an amazing job on restoring it. I am really excited about being in it on Saturday. Everyone who has seen it falls in love with it. My father added the gold trim to it today too which really sets the paintwork off. Won’t post a photo just yet as we want it to a be a nice surprise for everyone on Saturday.

Mister B had his hair chopped tonight and we dropped a load of things off at my mums.

Loads of questions keep coming in which we will try to answer shortly. If you don’t get an instant response bear with us we will get back to you but might be dashing about.

not long to go folks…



Wedding FAQ’s

Following a few questions from various people, we were on a mission to find out everything we could when we visited Wilderhope yesterday. So here goes:

Come through to the parlour

Come through to the parlour

If I am staying at Wilderhope can I arrive on Friday night?

Yes you can arrive on Friday after 5pm. The bridal party will be at the church around 6ish for a prep session but will be at Wilderhope later. All we ask is that everyone gives a helping hand at the night time.

Will there be breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning for those staying at Wilderhope ?

Breakfast will be available for all those staying at Wilderhope. Bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, beans, toast, fruit, croissants and tea/coffee will be available.

We are coming to the evening party and staying at Wilderhope, can we arrive late afternoon on Saturday?

Yes. If you plan arriving later in the afternoon please could you contact us to let us know,so we can let Wilderhope staff know. As the day guests will be in the main hall at this time, guests will need to use an alternative route to access their rooms.

I am bringing a young child/baby and wondered if you have a room to prep baby food/heat a bottle.

There will be a small kitchen for guests to use. If you want to bring a bottle warmer and leave it in here to use that would be fine. There will be some space to store food  in the fridge as well if need be.

The kitchen

The kitchen

Is there wheelchair accessibility?

The main hall is accessible, as long as you enter the building from the back of the building via the ramped gravel path. If you are bringing a van then you will need to pull up to the side of the building, to find the level part of the car park. Inside there are two steps into the bar and parlour at the back so extra assistance may be needed here. Unfortunately there is no access to the rooms upstairs or the snug downstairs.

small steps

small steps

There is an accessible toilet at the back of the building, with grab rails and lowered sink.

Will there be much parking space at Wilderhope?

There will be 30 spaces but we will be contacting the local farmer to see if they will allow any further parking. If possible we encourage people to car share as much as possible. Thanks!

I have special dietary needs will I starve?

For those who have been in touch already we will be arranging alternative food choices which includes coeliac arrangements. If you have forgot to tell us please could you,let us know and we will see what we can do.

Is there any wifi connection at Wilderhope?

Unfortunately there is no wifi connection at Wilderhope and mobile phone reception is patchy. We will be holding a support group on Sunday morning for those technically minded people who have withdrawal symptoms.

What time will food be served at night time?

We are thinking of serving food around 9pm for the evening party. There will be wedding cake and a few other nibbles to keep people going until then, so all being well you won’t be hungry.

Hope this covers all the questions that everyone has asked but any problems then please get in contact. Happy? Mister B is clearly.

Mister Lord B

Mister Lord B

Let us be seated.

Today I woke up having an anxiety attack, heart racing and feeling of being sick. I am starting to get panicky over the wedding. Lots of things to do and it started to overwhelm me. I keep hearing

“You will be fine, don’t worry”

but this is not really calming me down.

We set the end of November as the RSVP date but we have yet to receive some which I have to say is not helping stress levels. So if you are reading this and haven’t replied please please please with a cherry on top could you get back to us, even if you are not coming. Thank you!

Armed with those most splendid Post it notes, some Sharpies and pad we set about doing seating plans for the Wedding breakfast. Now If you are a seasoned wedding goer you will know that seating arrangements can make or break a wedding meal. Sometimes it is nice to mix it up a little but at the same time it can be uncomfortable if you are sat next to people who simply don’t share any interests and are poles apart. So with this in mind we have tried not to be too controversial and have tried to please people as much as we can.


So if we have done our sums correctly we should have eight tables including the top table. To be fair we managed to do the plan very quickly and we hope that everyone will be happy with the layout. We have also finalised the bunk room bed plans so will be publishing those soon for those who have asked to stay over. If anyone would to change their minds then please let us know.

Next week we have a lot of things to chase up and sort out. I must not get panicky. Everyone say “OM!”


Just a word of warning to those who decide to get married, it can be dangerous out there. Not only do you have to negotiate all those nauseating marriage fairs with naff displays of your perfect day but you have to contend with subtle as a brick demands from people too. Once you have got past the stage of wanting to club people over the head after the twentieth attempt at table planning and have realised that wedding equals expense, you decide to venture into the world of crafting. This is the one of the most dangerous times, oh and when you lose your marbles and just go ‘what the f@@k!’ but we will come onto that later.

Now crafting should be relaxing and provide a great sense of achievement when you have finished your project. Well to certain extent it can be, but at the same time you can injure yourself. Yes you have heard correctly. Crafting can be painful and scar you for life. Let’s face it, once you have hit this stage you are probably at your most vulnerable. You have been beaten into submission by wedding magazines, websites and so called experts telling you that your wedding is going to be sh*t if you don’t have butterflies or hearts hanging off every possible part of the day. YOU have to make things. It is a bride’s rite of passage these days. Armed with this knowledge, you hit Pinterest with aplomb and make so many pins you could create a large wedding voodoo. You watch endless videos on Youtube of how to make a loo roll into a napkin holder. After a while you start to lull yourself into a false sense of security and start to believe you will glitter yourself into a crafting god. Now let me just stop you there. Yes just there. Keep still. Take five minutes. If you are a bride reading this let me tell you something that might make you feel a bit faint but relieved at the same time.

YOU are not perfect and you will make mistakes.

There said it. Now relax. Feeling calm? Right well have a laugh at my crafting injury and smile. Making favour bags I decided to have a fight with a rather hot volcanic glue gun. I should have known that the hint was in the word ‘gun’ and I would be the one who came away worse off. I got tangled up in hot glue and this was the result.


I feel quite proud that I managed to burn rather deeply a smiley face into my thumb. Despite all the chaos around me my thumb will smile back right back at me and tell me I am doing ok.

I will write about the last and most dangerous stage of wedding planning called ‘what the f**k’ when I feel you are ready. I mean I don’t want to scare would be brides at the moment would I ?